Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment financing has many benefits and is an attractive alternative to traditional borrowing.

Take advantage of fixed payments and 100% financing of the equipment cost. Pay for equipment as it’s used to generate income. In addition, financing helps you to conserve working capital and bank lines of credit.

Financing is a valuable cash management option. You don’t pay salaries in one lump sum, why pay for equipment that way? Is it more important to own the equipment or use the latest equipment available on the market?

Yes. You determine what equipment best serves your needs. We simply request information about the vendor that will enable us to complete all transactions.

Fill out a simple one-page credit application and, typically, within an hour you'll receive a credit response. Upon credit approval, e-documents will be generated and emailed to you. When we receive signed documents, a purchase order is issued to the equipment vendor and your order is delivered. Once we confirm your equipment is received and installed, we’ll activate your financing.

The vast majority of our customers receive initial approval for open lines of credit within an hour after submitting a credit application. Final approval is contingent upon reviewing the information submitted and verifying accuracy and authenticity. Once verified the credit line is formally established.

After you're approved, we need to gather specific information regarding the equipment you're financing, as well as the vendor(s) supplying it. You will be provided with easy-to-follow online instructions on how to complete your financing agreement.

OnePlace Capital pays the equipment supplier.

Only if you are financing equipment that you have already purchased.

A OnePlace Capital Relationship Manager will call you to confirm that the equipment has been delivered and is working properly. Once this is determined, we will issue payment (typically by wire transfer or ACH) to the equipment supplier.

No problem. Taking delivery of equipment doesn’t, in itself, constitute taking ownership. Actually paying for the equipment is considered ownership. And, depending upon the time that has passed since you paid for the equipment, you may still be able to finance it.

Yes. You can request an automatic withdrawal agreement and we will set it up for you.

We aren’t able to process credit card transactions for monthly payments; however, we can set you up on a monthly debit to your checking account to automate the payment process.

The finance agreement is non-cancellable. However, you may arrange for prepayment or refinancing of the finance agreement at any time.
Since this is actually a loan (not a lease), you have ownership of the equipment during financing term. You also have title to it. We will file a UCC-1 to establish a security interest during the loan term, and at the end of the loan term, we'll file a UCC-3 to remove it so you own the equipment free and clear.

As often as you need additional equipment.